3 Questions for Tess Arnone

Tess Arnone is one of the rising stars of the USA Nordic team.
The 17 year-old from Steamboat Springs made her international debut in January 2018 in Kandersteg (SUI). 

The silver medalist of the 2019 national championships in Park City has since participated in the FIS Junior World Ski Championships in Oberwiesenthal (GER) and Lahti (FIN) as well as in the Youth Olympic Winter Games in Lausanne (SUI).

Look up all of her results here.

1. Who’s your Nordic Combined idol and why?
I have never felt that I have one idol or one person that I look up to. I look up to all high level athletes. Knowing the amount of hard work and determination that is required to travel, train, compete, and be advocates for their sport, makes me look up to them all. I feel anyone who puts in the time that it takes to be an athlete deserves being looked up to, no matter their skill, age, or sport.

2. Which discipline do you have to train harder: Ski Jumping or Cross Country? 
I feel that I train just as hard in jumping as in cross country. While jumping is more of a mental strain and skiing is more physical, I have always found it difficult to compare the two since they differ in so many ways. 

3. Finish this sentence: Nordic Combined is the best sport, because … 
Nordic Combined is the best sport, because it takes the best of two sports, two passions, and combines them into one sport that I love.


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