Angela Merkel told off as Chancellor tries to shake hands on arrival in Cornwall for G7

Angela Merkel instinctively shook hands with the first member of the welcoming party at the G7 summit before he then reminded her not to shake hands with the rest of his colleagues. Coronavirus restrictions and social distancing rules have prevented handshaking during the Cornwall summit.

Following the initial handshake, Merkel went on to greet the other members of the welcoming party by nodding her head as to avoid physical contact and keep a distance.

The German Chancellor was wearing a face mask as she arrived at the summit.

Talks have been held at the G7 summit regarding the best way for the UK and EU to proceed following a number of disputes over the Northern Ireland protocol.

Boris Johnson has labelled the European Union approach to post-Brexit trade and the Northern Ireland protocol as “excessively burdensome”.

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Boris Johnson has told the BBC that 20 percent of all checks down the EU perimeter are now done in Northern Ireland following the ending of the post-Brexit transition period.

However, the Prime Minister has backed the UK and the trading bloc to find a solution.

Mr Johnson said: “You will understand that there are ways of enforcing the protocol, ways of making it work, that may be excessively burdensome.

“I just give you one statistic: 20 percent of the checks conducted across the whole of the perimeter of the EU are now done in Northern Ireland, three times as many as happen in Rotterdam.”

He added: “We have submitted some very serious proposals to Brussels about how to improve the situation.

“Talks are ongoing, they didn’t get a breakthrough yesterday but nor have they broken down.

“We need to find something that works well for everybody, the EU is following a very officious interpretation of a lot of these rules.

“We are looking for a more pragmatic approach.”


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