Internet loses it over hilarious on-air gaffe

Two television presenters have suddenly become online sensations after a painfully awkward exchange live on air went viral.

Two presenters on Namibia’s flagship broadcaster have become online sensations after a painfully awkward exchange live on air.

It all began when a news anchor Elmarie Kapunda — on the southwest African nation’s equivalent of the ABC — crossed to her colleague Jessica Kaimu in the studio for a sports segment.

Kapunda appeared to try and do her colleague a solid by talking about the segment a little further.

But Kaimu was clearly not impressed, and preceded to frostily cut her off.

“No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me, and say, ‘take it away’,” she said. “You’re not meant to do that.”

“Jessica, we are live,” Kapunda replied — prompting a cringe-worthy silence between the pair, which neither dares break.

After they both awkwardly stare into space, they are saved by the news program’s graphics.

It is not clear what happened behind the scenes once the cameras stopped rolling, but it seems unlikely they would have broken out the tea and biscuits.

The exchange has gone viral this week after it was recorded by somebody on Twitter and the responses are something to behold.

One South African network even did its own version of the exchange.

The original faux pas took place on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation network (NBC).

Lazarus Jacobs, the chairman of the network’s board, told CNN: “Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don’t know what happened in her earpiece, (but) she did not realise she was on air. What people heard and saw was something that was supposed to happen behind the scenes.”

Surprisingly they said there was no disagreement and the pair had a good laugh about it the next day.

“There was no disagreement of any sort. The two ladies are good colleagues (and) last night they had a live chat where they had a good laugh about it,” Jacobs told CNN.

“Once you realise that you are on the air and you’ve said something that might be inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze,” Jacobs said, adding that the pair have agreed to take part in on-air training.

He said that contrary to rumours swirling online, neither of them had lost their jobs.


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