‘Gutsiest’ questions to ask in job interview

Job interviews are one of life’s great stresses, with many of us fretting over how to best answer each question that’s thrown our way.

But according to one HR expert, you should be more concerned about the questions that you’re asking rather than answering, and the bolder the better.

TikTok user and HR insider taniracqurwrld regularly shares her tips and advice on her account where she boasts more than 55,000 followers.

And she recently revealed the five ‘gutsiest’ questions you should be asking potential employers.

She says: “Why am I saying these are the top five questions? Because these are the questions that people hesitate to ask.”

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Top five questions to ask in an interview

1. What are the biggest challenges I will face in the first 90 days and how will success be measured?

2. Is there anything about my background that makes you hesitant to move forward in the interview process?

3. How does my background compare to other candidates you’re interviewing?

4. I know the pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions for many companies; how are you as a manager doing?

5. Reflecting on your own experience, what have you seen the company do to promote diversity and inclusion?

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Keep in touch if you don’t get the job

And if you don’t get the job, try not to panic.

She says: “Sit back and reflect. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re still a great candidate.

“Reach back out to them and ask them for feedback on what you could have improved or what you could have done better.

“Thank them for their time and remain in contact. Nine times out of 10 if a position comes up like that position, managers, HR directors will often think of you and keep your resumé at the top of the stack.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission


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