Longley lobbies Kerr, Warriors to take Josh Giddey in NBA draft

“I’m going to surprise you but I think that his court vision, his spatial awareness and his understanding of that part of the game is at the same level, this past season, as LaMelo Ball. At the same level or better than LaMelo Ball was when he was in the NBL.


“Here’s the thing, he’s 6′8 and probably still growing. His dad has passed on some really good genes, as far as his resilience, his toughness, his humility, and his Australian-ness, let’s just go with that.

“He’s going to work hard, he’s a tough kid, and I believe he’s going to translate really well. I’d be really surprised if he doesn’t kick some arse.”

The Victorian guard is in the US preparing for the draft and despite starting last year outside the predicted first-round of picks, he has wowed enough teams that he is tipped to be a top-10 selection.


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