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Why written decision on Koroibete damns French captain

Australian rugby can’t afford to lose those punters, not when you’ve got lines like this in Rugby Australia’s 2020 report. “On 10 March 2021, World Rugby approved an additional loan to the Group for £2.5m, or approximately $4.5m. This loan will be interest bearing and will be due for repayment six months from issuance. Subsequent to year end, the Group has received a conditional offer for a financing facility of up to $40 million to ensure the long term financial viability of the Group through to the 2025 Lions tour and beyond.”

In the interests of fairness, Jelonch’s recollection of the incident should also be published. In his summary in the written decision, he is quoted as saying: “I received a kick-off when I take the ball, the Australian player, tackling me, touches my neck/face area with his shoulder, instantly it hurts a little, but the pain goes away quickly. I think that was unintentional, after this action and the HIA protocol, I was able to resume the game without problem. At the end of the match we shook hands and the player apologised.”


Let’s also be clear about one thing: Koroibete was not guilt-free in this episode, The written decision states that both Koroibete and Wallabies coach Dave Rennie “would not have been surprised” by a yellow card after the tackle. Koroibete likes to hit people in the chest/shoulder area, and if he keeps doing that he is absolutely walking a tightrope during the Bledisloe Cup series.

But Koroibete has been through his disciplinary process. He at least had to stand trial. Jelonch feigned a facial injury to con a ref, and the broader game, and no one said boo to him.


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