$20m jackpot up for grabs in Powerball

One lucky Australian could emerge $20 million richer if they manage to nab the division one prize for this week’s Powerball.

Draw 1314 will be announced at 8.30pm AEST Thursday night.

The prize has such a large number of zeros because nobody won last week, causing the $8 million jackpot to climb.

If someone does win on Thursday night, they will be the 10th Australian this year to do so.

Only nine division one prizes have been handed out all year, collectively taking home $299.73 million.

The last time a lucky punter won $20 million was in January this year, when a NSW and Queensland entrant split the prize.

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Three previous division one winners have revealed how the splash of cash made a huge difference to their lives.

“I’ve been able to retire, purchase a home and several investment properties. My son has been able to pursue his dreams of further study and travel,” one winner told The Lott.

“It has given us a choice we thought we would never have. It allowed us to spend more time with our children because we don’t need to work,” said another.

A third winner said they were able to pay off their debts and then some with the windfall.

“We are debt-free, and we have a significant amount invested which secures our retirement,” they said.

“My daughter is debt-free, and my son has reduced his debt significantly.”

The Lott’s Anna Hobdell said this was the perfect time of year to win a huge amount of money.

“Imagine how your plans for the rest of the year, and the rest of your life, might transform with $20 million in hand,” she said.

“You would really feel like all your Christmases had come at once this July if you’re our next Powerball division one winner.”


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