‘Loophole’: Martin Lewis shares Pret A Manger trick to get 5 drinks a day for free

Pret A Manger’s subscription service allows coffee lovers to get up to five drinks per day. It launched towards the end of 2020 and has proved to be extremely popular amongst customers. 

What’s more, Pret’s teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and grapes are also included in the service.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, expert Martin Lewis shared a “loophole” in which customers can get five drinks a day for a whole month free of charge.

He said: “It’s all about tricks to manipulate the system…The chain Pret A Manger has a new subscription service that has been running about a year where you can get up to five drinks a day for £20 a month.

“Now within that you get barista made drinks, so coffees, smoothies, frappes…and you can get up to five a day.

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“Now for some people who go there regularly, if you’re buying two coffees a week, this actually works out to be decent value for you if you go to Pret a lot so you might want to think about signing up for the service.

“But, it includes a one month free trial, so you can sign up to Pret’s one month free trial and then you get the five free drinks for a day for a month and you don’t pay, you can cancel at any time.

“You can cancel it before the £20 a month kicks in, in which case, you’re getting totally free, five drinks a day for a month, without paying anything.”

Martin added that the company is doing the offer in hope that once customers sign up they won’t want to stop the trial and therefore pay each month.

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Presenter Ruth Langsford said: “It’s remembering to cancel it though, isn’t it?”

The Money Saving Expert replied: “It is, so put it in your diary. People often forget to cancel when they’re trying something though, if you’re doing this deliberately just to get it for free, then you can be more clinical about it.”

Martin added that all of his tricks were “loopholes” and about “manipulating the system”.

To sign up, customers can download the app via the App Store or Google Play.

The subscription is then loaded onto customers’ Apple or Google digital wallets or can be accessed via emailed QR codes.

Scanners installed in Pret shops enable customers to verify their subscription status and redeem drinks each day.

Pret said: “Each subscription is limited to one drink per transaction, up to five per day, with 30 minute intervals between each transaction to try and prevent misuse.”

In other Pret news, the chain has brought back its Christmas sandwich for the month of July after some fans missed out on them last year due to the pandemic.

Clare Clough, the company’s UK managing director, said: “Every year customers ask us for the Christmas sandwich to return earlier and earlier, and after many customers missed out on having one last year we’ve decided to stand by our mission of spreading joy through our food and coffee, and bring our iconic Christmas sandwich back early for a limited time this summer.”

The festive club, which has turkey slathered in a port and orange cranberry sauce, pork stuffing, spinach and mayo, is available in Prets nationwide until the first week of August.

What’s more, 50p from every sale is going towards the Pret Foundation, the company’s charity arm that works to help the homeless.

The sandwich is also available on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.


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