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Prince Harry faces US backlash over royal title use for memoir ‘You are in America now!’

Prince Harry has been called out over using his royal titles to launch his new tell-all memoir. A statement penned by the Duke to announced the venture with Penguin Publishing House began with an acknowledgement from Harry that the book would be written: “Not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become.” However, the fact that Harry later signed off the very same statement with a signature in the style of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex had Us Weekly’s royal commentator Molly Mulshine fuming.

Ms Mulshine told the Us Royally podcast: “He said that he is not writing this as a prince he is writing it as the man he had become.

“But he signed it Prince Harry Duchess of Sussex.

“It is like you are in America now!”

“We don’t use the titles.”

Co-host Joe Drake added: “People are having issues with that I think.

“There is a lot of this, not the prince I am but the man I am but then it is all over…the signature is Prince Harry.”

Earlier in the episode, the couple had mocked the Duke for his heavy use of “cliches.”

Ms Mulshine told Royally Us listeners that the declaration amounted to “word salad” in a brutal slapdown of the royal’s writing skills.

Mr Drake said: I interpreted that as don’t worry I am not going to skew the truth.

“Like I’m going to tell you what really went down.

“But you are right you shouldn’t need to say that it is going to be truthful.

“A memoir innately should be truthful.”


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