Recent study by Halifax Chamber of Commerce shows support for proof of COVID-19 vaccinations

A recent study conducted by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce shows support for customers being required to show proof of vaccination prior to entering an establishment.

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce – which includes 1,800 members representing 65,000 employees – recently commissioned a study done by Leger Marketing asking businesses and consumers in Halifax how they felt about the idea.

“Greater than 82 per cent of people were supportive or very supportive of that kind of policy,” said Patrick Sullivan, president of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

Beginning Oct. 4, showing proof of vaccination will be the requirement to enter many establishments.

Nova Scotia also plans to move into its final stage of its COVID-19 reopening plan on that date after it was delayed from its original start date of Sept. 15.

“Businesses have suffered and born the brunt of the pandemic and the shut downs in the last 18 months,” said Sullivan. “So, now it’s time to shift the responsibility of the individual to the individual. If individuals choose not to be vaccinated they should understand they are choosing not to enter non-essential businesses after Oct. 4.”

Tim Rissesco, the executive director of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, said they realize some people aren’t happy with the vaccine protocol.

“They are confident in the decisions that they’ve made and they’re confident that their customers in the local area will continue to support them and see their decisions as being responsible decisions to make for the health and welfare of everybody,” said Rissesco.

The president of the Halifax Wanderers – a soccer team in Halifax – is expecting a full house for their next home game. In a live COVID-19 news conference on Tuesday, Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, said this is permitted as long as fans are vaccinated and wearing masks.

The team says it’s a policy they have already had in place for a couple of weeks.

“We’re doing it really for our fans so when our fans are here they feel safe. We were asked by many of them if we could institute something like this, so that’s why we did it. We thought it was the responsible thing to do,” said Derek Martin, president of the Halifax Wanderers.

Martin said for now, they are also accepting proof of a negative COVID-19 test as long as it is completed within 48 hours prior to the match.

That rule will be phased out when the province moves into Phase 5, at which fans will need to show proof of vaccination to have access to the Wanderers grounds.


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