Meet Chylow Hall, the People’s Party candidate for Ottawa South

‘I will make it a priority to encourage small businesses to take up shop in Ottawa South.’

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The Citizen invited federal candidates from the eight Ottawa ridings to send us a short article by Aug. 31 explaining what they would do for their riding if elected. Chylow Hall was among those who took us up on the offer.

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Hello, my name is Chylow Hall and I am a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada in the Ottawa South riding. Some of the issues that I feel are important to Ottawa South are small businesses and the back-to-school COVID-19 response.

There are many small family-run businesses sprinkled throughout Ottawa South such as personal training gyms, small restaurants, salons etc. The last year and a half has been extremely taxing on most small businesses. You can see the toll that the lockdowns have taken, from empty storefronts that now litter many of the busy roadways in Ottawa South.

If elected I will make it a priority to encourage small businesses to take up shop in Ottawa South. I would work to provide a sense of security against government measures that shutter small businesses while allowing Walmart, Amazon and Costco to thrive. I call for governments to be accountable and meet their obligation of Section 1 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It states that reasonable limits to our rights and freedoms can only be imposed if it has been demonstrated that they are justified in a free democratic society. Currently, such a demonstration has not been made for COVID restrictions, most of which are arguably unconstitutional.

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Another extremely important issue that is looming over those of us with children, is the real threat that children attending school may be coerced, without parental consent, to take a COVID-19 vaccination. What school will look like this fall is still virtually unknown. The last 18 months were a roller coaster of uncertainty from the province and the school board. Many children attended virtual learning but for many children this solution was less than ideal, as they missed out on interacting with their peers, sports, etc., all which took massive mental and physical tolls. Children that attended school in person were faced with all-day masking, inability to socialize outside of their bubble and many other limitations.

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For two years in a row our children were robbed of graduation celebrations, field trips and normalcy. Now there are discussions of pop-up vaccination clinics. As a parent who is very concerned about the lack of long-term data in youth on the side effects of this COVID-19 shot, I am concerned that coercion and manipulation tactics will be used on students who choose not to vaccinate. As a parent, I am the legal guardian of my child until he/she reaches the age of maturity and therefore have the right to make these decisions on their behalf. If I am elected I would fight for the rights of parents to be upheld and not overruled by our government agencies.

Chylow Hall is the People’s Party candidate in Ottawa South.


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