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‘Psychonauts 2’: A comedic masterpiece

I don’t remember precisely when it dawned on me that “Psychonauts 2” is one of the best comedic adventure games I’ve played. I know it began to get under my skin when, early on, I sent Raz teleporting between the thoughts of a woman (using his Mental Connection ability) to rewire concepts in her brain so as to change her cautious demeanor. Teleporting in most games is simply a means to an end, a convenient way to dash from point to point and nothing more. But, as with so much of “Psychonauts 2,” the mechanics serve to enrich the narrative backbone of the game. The same holds true for the adversaries that Raz encounters. They personify different mental obstacles such as “bad thoughts”– critters who run around and try to explode in your face — and “judges” — bewigged men who wield threatening gavels. There is a thematic consistency to “Psychonauts 2” that makes it especially engaging. Though Raz has plenty of occasion to simply run around and bash enemies, the game abounds with idiosyncratic details, giving it an overall flavor that’s far from generic.


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