Qantas reveal all overseas flight dates

Dust off your passports, and get your suitcase out of storage — because Qantas has revealed exactly which overseas routes will open in December.

Are you sitting down? Because it looks like it may actually be happening … Qantas has announced departure dates for a selection of international destinations in December.

The carrier’s first commercial international flights in almost two years are scheduled to depart on December 18 to London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Singapore.

Flights will depart from Melbourne and Sydney, and in the case of the London flights go via either Perth or Singapore.

If none of those destinations are floating your boat, never fear. The next day more destinations will be added to the schedule, with Tokyo and Fiji being thrown into the mix. There’s also good news for Queenslanders, with flights from Brisbane to Singapore and Los Angeles also scheduled.

So what are the departure dates?

At the time of writing, this is what the departure schedule looks like (and it’s important to note all services are conditional on the federal government lifting the ban on overseas travel which was recently extended until December 17).

Sydney-London 18 Dec

Melbourne-London 18 Dec

Sydney-Los Angeles 18 Dec

Sydney-Vancouver 18 Dec

Sydney-Singapore 18 Dec

Melbourne-Singapore 18 Dec

Melbourne-Los Angeles 19 Dec

Brisbane-Los Angeles 19 Dec

Brisbane-Singapore 19 Dec

Sydney-Tokyo 19 Dec

Sydney-Fiji 19 Dec

Sydney-Honolulu 20 Dec

Flights to New Zealand are also on sale for dates prior to Christmas, on the assumption the trans-Tasman bubble will restart by then.

The early overseas flights aren’t exactly at sale prices, as you can imagine. Travellers should expect to pay between $1600 and $2300 one way for London and LA services, and slightly less for the return legs.

As per the report on The Australian, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has made it clear the airline would require passengers to be fully vaccinated as a condition of boarding international flights, and depending on the destination, travellers may also need evidence of a negative Covid test within 72-hours of takeoff.

The Australian also says “providing the flight schedule does resume as planned, Qantas was expecting to add Hong Kong to its destination list from February, followed by Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Johannesburg from April”.

A number of other airlines have also begun scheduling commercial flights on Australian routes from December 18, including Fiji Airways and Air Canada.

It’s not known as yet what quarantine requirements will be imposed for fully vaccinated travellers from overseas or those returning to Australia.

Alan Joyce has indicated the continuation of mandatory hotel requirement would make the flights unviable but some form of home quarantine may be acceptable.

This article originally appeared on Escape and has been republished with permission

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