Sajd Javid squirms as Paterson grills Cabinet for not wearing masks in revealing photo

Sky News reporter Niall Paterson lashed out at Health Secretary Sajid Javid over a photo the Government released. In the photo, Cabinet ministers are discussing Boris Johnson’s coronavirus winter plan however, none of the viewable ministers are wearing a mask. Mr Paterson questioned why none of the ministers chose to do so as Boris Johnson would later that day tell the public to wear face masks in crowded indoor situations. 

Mr Javid stuttered in his response as he attempted to clarify that Mr Johnson told the public to behave responsibly and wear a mask while in the company of strangers.

Mr Paterson hit back by rhetorically asking whether friends could not pass on coronavirus. 

He said: “When you and your Cabinet colleagues met yesterday to discuss and sign off on what the Prime Minister said how many of you were wearing masks?

“You can take a look at the picture that we have got, Number 10 released this picture, there is basically 38 to 40 people in that room, poorly ventilated and not one person is wearing a mask.

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“This is on a day that you advise us to wear masks in situations like that.”

Mr Javid argued the Cabinet Ministers were following their own advice at the moment and being responsible based on the current prevalence of coronavirus. 

He said: “That is perfectly consistent with what the Prime Minister said yesterday and with what I said yesterday.

“What we said was that people should consider wearing masks in crowded places when they are with strangers, when they are with people who they do not normally spend time with.”

Mr Paterson interrupted and said: “So you would expect the Conservative backbenchers to be wearing masks in PMQs later today?

Mr Javid replied: “No, they are not strangers.”

The Sky News host added: “Can you not catch Covid-19 from your friends?”

More to follow…


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