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Shapes unveils insane new item

The iconic Chicken Crimpy biscuit is now available in a never-seen-before product– but you won’t get it in supermarkets.

It’s a biscuit as iconic as Vegemite on toast or fairy bread.

Now Shapes Chicken Crimpy is getting a fancy upgrade that’s fit for a movie premiere – literally- with the famous biscuit combining with another favourite savoury snack.

Excluding parts of the country in lockdown (sorry, Sydney and Melbourne), Parlour Lane x Shapes Chicken Crimpy Flavoured Popcorn will be available in Event and BCC Cinemas Candy Bar and Marketplace stands from Saturday.

The limited edition snack will see salty buttery popcorn combine with the iconic chicken Shapes

flavour – need we say more?

The flavour is predicted to sell out fast, so Chicken Crimpy fans should get in quick so they don’t miss out.

A lunch box favourite for years, Chicken Crimpy Shapes are so beloved there was outcry when Arnott’s revealed plans to change it and BBQ Shapes flavour.

The backlash was so strong Arnott’s was forced to backtrack on the decision and reinstate the original flavour.


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