Tyson Fury left stunned by a young Anthony Joshua during sparring session from 2010

Fury has since admitted he was planning to go easy on Joshua early in the session, but the Gypsy King was rocked instantly by the young pretender.

“I think he was expecting – because he knew Josh was 18 and hadn’t been boxing – an easy few rounds,” Murphy added. “They’ve come out and Josh has thrown an uppercut, left hook and he’s on wobbly legs!

“He’s holding the ropes and I’m telling him ‘no you can’t do that you can’t hold the ropes’ and he gets off, but Josh got the better of him in the third round.

“I’ve said to him for the second to just go and do what he’s done, but Tyson starts mouthing off to Josh, getting in his ear talking to him.

“So Josh is getting a bit wild, trying to knock him out, and I had to tell him to stick to his boxing and do what I told him and ignore the talking.

“So he’s gone out the next round, ignored it and boxed his head off and I’ve said ‘come on jump out’.”


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