Rafael Nadal not sure when he’ll play again but refuses to disclose ‘objectives’ on return

Nadal also revealed he had “relatively recently” undergone an “aggressive” treatment on his foot, and was putting the work in to ensure he recovered properly in order to make a successful return to the match court.

“I work a lot every day to try first, to recover, and second, when I am recovered, to be prepared to return to play in full condition,” he said.

“I am in a process of recovery, of work, with a progressive increase in loads and the sensations are not measured daily. You have to be a little cautious, look a little in the medium term.”

In true Nadal fashion, the Spaniard is following every piece of advice “to the letter” during his recovery to put himself in the best position, admitting that it was up to his body to allow him to play again.


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