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Royal Family LIVE: Look what you’re missing now, Meghan! Kate to meet Biden at UK event

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William are “owning” their legacy-making work, according to explorer and presenter Steve Backshall.

For their latest engagement in a series that aims to keep the spotlight on the Duke of Cambridge’s commitment to fighting environmental challenges, Kate and William visited Kew Gardens.

On October 13, the couple sat down with children from The Heathland School, in Hounslow, and brainstormed ideas focused on solving crises such as pollution and climate change.

And their commitment and approach to this work were highly praised by the A-listers who took part in the engagement with them.

Mr Backshall told Town & Country magazine: “They sat down with the kids and they listened to them and they worked with them for half an hour.

“They didn’t come in here for a photo op, they came here to sit, talk to and listen to kids.

“It is from the heart, it’s real it’s genuine, and people get that and they connect to it.

“It’s very easy, particularly if you are someone in their kind of position, to just add your name as a tag to a big project then have nothing to do with it.

“But they’re not doing that, they are living it, they’re owning it, and I think people will respond to it.”


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