Sturgeon plots to rejoin EU with Arctic ‘partnership’ ahead of COP26: ‘Common interests’

The First Minister travelled to Iceland on Thursday where she gave a speech to a packed audience at a gathering of the Arctic Circle Assembly. The annual event brings together world leaders from within the polar circle to address burning questions concerning the state of the climate and . Ahead of her arrival in Reykjavik, said the Arctic nations can provide a “major contribution” to the fight against .

Scotland will host the United Nation’s 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26) and Ms Sturgeon has been desperate to promote Scotland’s green credentials in the international arena.

She said at the assembly: “We are much more prepared than we were five years ago.

“We see the mutual benefits that come from this.”

Ms Sturgeon also used the opportunity to call for more cooperation between Scotland and the Arctic nations.

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“The melting of ice and thawing of permafrost in the Arctic further accelerate climate change and have huge knock-on effects.

“The EU is committed to make the Arctic safe, stable, sustainable and prosperous.

“Safe and stable, through enhanced international cooperation; sustainable and prosperous, by ensuring a strong link between the EU’s Arctic engagement and our climate policy, the European Green Deal and its blue economy dimension.”

Through its updated policy, the EU has called for a “safe, stable, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous Arctic” region.


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